princeVotes for the Prince do not count.

From Bonus Pack 1, on Team Village

The Prince is like a weak Hunter. Most of the comments for the Hunter apply equally to the Prince. However, the key difference is that if the Hunter is lynched he gets to decide who else dies while if the Prince is lynched he needs to make do with the player with the second most number of votes also being lynched. This can backfire terribly if no other player gets at least two votes, resulting in an automatic Werewolf win.

As the Prince you get one vote, so if you’ve generated so much suspicion that you are looking at a unanimous lynching you need to ensure at least one other member of Team Village hedges the team;s interests by voting for the same Werewolf player you do. If a unanimous lynching looks likely, in the last few seconds before the timer winds down out yourself as the Prince to a fellow villager and explain why the two of you need to vote for the most likely Werewolf. If they agree, and the Werewolves don’t have enough time to co-ordinate a response, then the Werewolf will die from those two votes. Werewolves won’t be able to coordinate a response to this without outing themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Prince”

  1. Let me give you this simple example then advise if I am unserstanding it correctly.

    Suppose we are 5 players.
    If 3 people votes to me (and I am the prince)
    and the remaining 1 vote to someone else
    When I expose my Card (I will have a second chance but with the remaining one choice? or i Should decide which one I vote on)

    1. The Prince votes at the same time as every other players. There are no roles or abilities that allow you to modify your vote after everyone else has voted.

      In the situation described, it would be up to you, as the Prince, to determine in advance which player was not going to vote for you, and coordinate your vote with that person.

  2. This doesn’t make sense.

    If you out yourself as the Prince and explain to another Villager that you are Prince and need to vote on a Wolf, the Wolves would all vote on that player, not you as the Prince.

    1. No it doesn’t. Everyone votes at the same time. He just died after casting his vote and helping the prince. Just because you die it doesn’t mean your vote doesn’t count. I don’t know what you are confused about.

  3. The Prince does not get to reveal himself after the vote and change his vote or other players votes

    The rules state that if it’s a unanimous vote to kill the Prince, then no one dies which results in Team Werewolf winning

    That’s it, theres no explaining after the vote.
    The Prince cannot die so if someone else doesnt have at least 2 votes after him then the Werewolves win

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