gremlin_1024x1024“Gremlin, wake up. You may switch marks or cards between any two players.”

From ONUV, on Team Village

Generally the Gremlin’s strategy should follow that of the Troublemaker, with a couple of exceptions.

It is usually more advantageous to switch cards rather than marks. Most likely there will be one Vampire mark (or none if it subsequently got switched out by a later mark), but there will be two vampire cards and potentially a Renfield, so switching cards will be much more disruptive and hence normally reveal more information. The Gremlin doesn’t necessarily have to switch cards instead of marks, since just saying that he did will achieve the desired effect.

Unlike the Troublemaker, the Gremlin can switch their own cards or marks. Generally this is only worthwhile if the Gremlin has a mark where giving it to a Vampire, would be advantageous to Team Village, such as the Mark of the Assassin, Mark of the Traitor or Mark of Love. Successfully giving one of these to a Vampire increases the chance of Team Village winning. However, it is better not to reveal this until the Gremlin knows what team the recipient is on, since giving one of these three marks to a player on Team Village and then announcing it will work against Team Village by either increasing the chance of that player being killed or flipping that player’s allegiance against team village. Since the Gremlin acts after each player has viewed their marks, the only way such a player would that they received such a mark is the Gremlin revealing it verbally.

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