minion“Minion, wake up. Werewolves, stick out your thumb so the Minion can see who you are.”

From ONUW, wins or loses with Team Werewolf irrespective of whether he himself dies

Not caring whether he lives or dies, the Minion starts the day phase with very little pressure, but accelerates quickly as the accusations fly. The Minion needs to keep very close track of whether any Werewolves were switched by the Troublemaker, Robber, Witch etc. If the Alpha Wolf or the Paranormal Investigator is in play the Minion’s role becomes much harder as they try to discern who the Alpha Wolf turned into a Wolf as well as who the Paranormal Investigator is and whether they became a Wolf or not.

If the Minion is quite sure who the Werewolves are then the Minion can sit on the sidelines during discussion as long as it looks like someone other than a Werewolf will be lynched. If the Minion’s silence is seen as suspicious and he himself becomes the target of accusation then so be it. However, as the Minion becomes more unsure who the Werewolves are, either as a result of switching, or the presence of the Alpha Wolf or Paranormal Investigator, then it becomes more critical that the Minion gets himself lynched to avoid a Werewolf being inadvertently lynched.

As the Minion, the simplest situation is when you find you have been switched with a Team Village card. As long as you are confident you are now on the Team Village, you can out yourself as the former Minion and out the real Werewolves too. If you aren’t sure if the claim that you were really switched or not is true and don’t want to take the risk of outing everyone on the Werewolf team you can out yourself as a former Werewolf instead. If the switcher maintains the switch did occur in the face of that revelation then you can be sure you were switched, enabling you to reveal the full Werewolf team. If the claimed switcher takes that opportunity to recant their switching claim and encourages everyone to kill you after all as a self revealed Werewolf, then you can take the lynching as the Minion and claim victory for Team Werewolf.

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  1. If the minion’s card is traded with a villager team card, can the original minion name the werewolfs? so that the villagers can kill the werewolf so the original minion’s new team wins?
    This happened in a game with friends and it was such an easy way to win for the villagers that we banned naming the werewolfs because it ruined the fun. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a rule preventing this?

      1. If the minion is a traitor is his objective to kill a werewolf? I’m unclear if he counts as being on team werewolf or a villager who wants the werewolves to win.

        1. The Minion is on the Werewolf team, thus is not trying to kill a Werewolf. He still wins if he dies, as long as a Werewolf does not die with him.

        2. TL;DR: If a Minion gets a Mark of the Traitor, he would be against The Werewolves

          I assume you mean if the Minion gets a Mark of the Traitor. This would turn him against the werewolves. In this case, The Minion would not immediately want to out werewolves, because he might also have gotten his card changed to a villager, meaning he would be against the village team once again, and would want to keep his information secretive. However, this could put confusion on the person who is now The Minion, as you can’t come forward that they are now The Minion, but also don’t want to dicredit your information.

          One risky strategy reverts back to claiming to have been a wolf, getting the Now-Minion to be murdered. However, if they person claiming the switch reverts their claim, things go south. You now are still a Minion, but with a Traitor’s mark. You dying results in a Werewolf win, but this is bad for you as a traitor.

          If you do immedately put your fellow Werewolves in the hot seat, they can try to counteract, but will fail. But if you outted the information and then find out you got switched into a village team card, you’ve just lost.

  2. If the minion ends up being the only one on the werewolf team, if all werewolf cards end the game as center cards, and the minion is killed, does he lose or does he win?

    1. As far as I understand from the link, if werewolves are in the center, the minion is considered as a villager. Thus if the minion is killed, the villagers and the minion lose

    2. If the minion is the only present bad guy in the day phase even if there were initially werewolve(s) in the night phase then the minion only wins if he/she manages to convince the village to kill a Villager

    3. In this scenario if he dies then he and the villagers lose because the minion didn’t succeed in killing a Villager and the village didn’t draw the conclusion to kill no one

  3. But it says “From ONUW, wins or loses with Team Werewolf irrespective of whether he himself dies” meaning even if he, himself is lyched without a werewolf he wins.
    I, myself am not sure on the awnser though.

    1. A Minion without Werewolves wants the death of a Villager instead. If he dies now, he loses. If nobody dies, he loses. If anyone else dies, he wins.

      He needs to be mindful of the Witch in this case, as she could add a Werewolf back into the mix, reverting his strategy back to normal, but with a lack of information. If a witch starts claiming she made someone a Wolf, claim to have robbed that person.

  4. The minion is quickly becoming my favorite role. You can do so much BS it’s uncanny.

    Wake up and see only one wolf, claim seer role and out your fellow wolf as a witch. If the wolf knows their salt, they will claim that you are now a wolf as they took a wolf card from the centre and gave it to you. You have to of course have to have a lovely swearing match with your fellow teammate.

    As a minion you do not want to be quiet, claim a role and create as much confusion as you can.

    1. Idk that strategy could be easily contradicted but yes I do agree that the minion shouldn’t try to stay quiet, creating a lot of bs as the minion will totally benefit the werewolves

  5. If the minion ends up being the only person in team werewolf, with all other werewolf cards in the center, he only wins if anyone is but himself is killed (think of it as if he is a lone wolf with no teammates). This makes sense because if it were any way else it would be impossible for team village to win: kill minion he wins, kill a bystander he wins, and you can’t kill nobody because he’ll refuse to cooperate. Therefore it makes sense that eradicating the only remnant of team werewolf gives villagers the victory.

    Now here is where I need help: if there is a lone minion, and a doppelgänger becomes a minion too, do the villagers win by killing either one? I feel like having to kill both would be to hard (imagine that there was a PI minion to deal with too!). Am I right?

    1. TL;DR: The Minions would act as their own team in replacement of The Werewolf Team.

      This is an interesting point to being up, but here’s what I would say:

      As you said, without Werewolves, The Minion seems to acts as one instead, so I would assume that line of logic would continue. The group of Minions is now a replacement Werewolf Team with less knowledge, A Minion Team of there own. I would assume they work together still.

      Think of The Dream Wolf. He knows his team, but not who’s on it. The Original Minion would work similarly. He’s on The Minion Team, he knows there’s other cards that could be on his team, but doesn’t know if they’re present. The Döppleganger and PI, if they saw the minion, know that he is there, but are now also on The Minion Team.

      The Döppleganger immediately knows the situation, as she would see know there is no wolves.

      The PI would kinda act like an Insomniac who got turned into a Werewolf by an Alpha Wolf. He wouldn’t know his teammates, but knows they’re out there. He wouldn’t be able to say wether he was working with Werewolves or Minions.

      All Minions at the table would be trying to make sure each other lives, with relatively less information than Werewolves would have.

      In the absence of Wolves, Minions are the Wolves.

  6. You know, the Werewolf team loses if no wolves are in play, so if all the wolf cards are in the center then the minion cannot win.

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