renfield_1024x1024“Vampires, point at the player who has the Mark of the Vampire and close your eyes. Renfield, wake up and look around for the Vampires, then place the Mark of the Bat in front of you.”

From ONUV, wins or loses with Team Vampire irrespective of whether he himself dies

Adopt the same strategy as the Minion, with the unfortunate addition that the Pickpocket or Marksman may look at your Mark of the Bat and out you as Renfield.

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6 thoughts on “Renfield”

  1. What does the mark of the bat do? Is it like a mark of clarity but for the renfield? You mentioned the pickpocket or marksman seeing your mark of the bat and therefore knowing that you were the renfield, but is that the only use of the mark?

    1. The Mark of the Bat serves two purposes.

      First it cleanses Renfield of the Mark of the Vampire. In that sense it is similar to Priest’s cleansing, except that because Renfield receives the Mark of the Bat so early in the dusk phase nothing other than the Mark of the Vampire will be cleansed.

      Secondly, it provides information. If a player sees another player with the Mark of the Bat, that provides information. If a player sees themselves having received (or kept) the Mark of the Bat, that provides information. If Renfield himself sees he no longer possesses the Mark of the Bat, that provides information. Each piece of information helps players make sense of what happened during dusk or manipulate others’ perceptions of what happened.

  2. What if when renfield wake up and all vampires are on the center card. what is the winning condition for reinfield? He have to die to winning or staying alive till the end?

  3. The Renfield is similar to the Minion, he is only on the Vampire team if there are vampires in play (not in the middle). If so he just wants to protect the vampires and will even win if he dies. If there are no vampires he is on the villagers team and does not want to die nor does he want the villagers to die.

  4. Is this correct? ” If Renfield dies while he has the Mark of the Bat, and no other vampires die, the Vampires win. If Renfield dies and he does not have the mark, they lose.”

    1. No, the Mark of the Bat does nothing. It just shows who the Renfield is or if marks got switched. If only the Renfield dies, whether or not he still has the Mark of the Bat, the Vampires and Renfield win. You could use what you said as a house rule.

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