Alpha Wolf

alphawolf“Alpha Wolf, wake up and exchange the Center Werewolf card for any other player’s card.”

From Daybreak, on Team Werewolf

Apart from playing like a normal Werewolf, the Alpha Wolf also needs to keep track of the center Werewolf card they gave to another player, including any subsequent switching it may have been subject to. Apart from ensuring he himself isn’t lynched he also needs to ensure that the freshly turned Werewolf also isn’t lynched. This can be made difficult because the freshly turned Werewolf won’t be playing in their own best interests.

The Alpha Wolf, together with the Minion, also needs to assess if it is likely that the Werewolves have a majority. Since there can be up to eight Team Werewolf cards in play the Alpha Wolf is crucial in outing the team Werewolf majority at the crucial moment.

If the Alpha Wolf finds he himself was switched he can out the player that he turned into a Werewolf, assuring a victory for the Village Team.

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    1. When the alpha wolf is used a werewolf card is also placed in the middle separate to the normal three, so that there are four cards in the middle.

      1. So if I look at a guide on bet ONUW decks and it says Drunk, Alpha Wolf, P.I., Dream Wolf, Drunk, Insomniac, do I put in dream Wolf in play, or is that the center card?

  1. There’s a strategy to playing as Alpha that isn’t discussed here. The person you’re giving the card to will almost never know that they’re a WW. As such, you have to either find a way to subtly tell them (not likely) or watch their back in talks so their death doesn’t make you lose. The insomniac, seer, and apprentice seer have a way of knowing that they are now WW, and a robber who robs a new WW can infer that as well if they’re good.

    Also, as a last ditch effort, an Alpha can come straight out and identify the WW team if they think they have the numbers and are about to die. Sadly, in my experience, my only time trying this the new WW and the Minion voted for me anyway (why minion? Why???)

  2. In a game with more than one wolf, the Alpha Wolf can also place the card on the other wolf. In this scenario, all wolves know they are wolves (barring being trouble made, witched, or robbed). The biggest advantage being that you don’t accidentally change the Minion, Tanner, or Hunter into a wolf.

    This sounds like a cop-out, but it can be used effectively because it is unexpected.

    And nothing is preventing the Alpha Wolf from dropping hints that he turned a villager or claiming that the wolves have the numbers.

    The downsides are:
    – If there’s a Paranormal Investigator, you reduce the odds of him seeing a wolf.
    – You miss the small chance of changing the Insomniac. She would have known she is a wolf and would have played accordingly.

    1. I am with Rob. If the Hunter still thinks he is Hunter, he will try to die and kill a wolf. But if he is now a wolf, he will lose for team wolf.

    2. The rules mention the Alpha Wolf can’t actually convert a fellow werewolf; they have to convert a non-werewolf player.

  3. When you are playing with a deck, let’s say Alpha Wolf, Dream Wolf, Robber, Seer, Drunk, for example, is the Dream Wolf actually in or is it the center card?

    1. In my experience, rolesets never mention the centre werewolf card, so you’d shuffle the Dream Wolf in with the other roles and place a different Werewolf in the centre.

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