doppleganger“Doppelgänger, wake up and look at another player’s card. You are now that role. If your new role has a night action, do it now.”


The Doppelganger’s strategy resolves to whichever role they adopted upon first waking. The main question is whether to reveal that you were the Doppelganger that became that role or to pretend you were that role directly. You almost certainly don’t want to reveal that you were the Doppelganger without saying what role you copied since the conservative assumption of other players was that you Doppelganged a Werewolf card. If you don’t contradict that accusation immediately, it will be very hard to shake later.

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  1. If not a pure werewolf, the Doppelgänger has more information than the original, since the original does not know about the Doppelgänger. As Minion or Tanner you can imagine to be a Werewolf as usual, where the story unfortunately (but fortunately!) does not work out quite in the end.
    As Doppelgänger Minion you sometimes can recognize that werewolfs have the majority, so you can come clean an try to find a non-Tanner to shoot.

  2. I usually don’t use this role though the concept is great. The problem is how long the night phase gets and in a small group there are other roles that are more fun to play.

    But I’m wandering how do you tackle the fact when for example the Doppelgänger sees a Werewolf and is than robbed by the Robber? Is the Robber unknowingly a Werewolf? Same probably applies to the Copycat and P.I.

    1. Yeah, same rule applies in all those situations. The card adopts the role of whatever other card the player looks at so, so if it stolen by the Robber, that player will initially have no idea what team they are on and will have to work hard to figure it out during the day phase.

      The same will apply to the Body Snatcher in the Alien expansion. Whichever card they steal becomes an Alien, so if that card is stolen again or swapped by any other means, then that card is still an alien and the new owner won’t know and will have to figure it out.

      This is why it is a good idea for everyone not to be too open at the start of the day phase until there is enough information to work with.

    2. yes, say the doppelgänger-minion is robbed the robber then only knows that he is the doppelgänger but will have to wait and hope that the doppelgänger tells him which card he looked at. in the very end after voting it is then necessary for the doppelgänger to tell the truth about which card he looked at.

  3. I have to admit I really dislike the Doppleganger. The role is just too complicated for new or even some experienced players. I’ve used it many times but found nights way too long and no interesting roles being Doppleganged. I with the role were somehow more like Copycat.
    In the meantime, Doppleganger is great and a must use for 3-player games.

  4. If you are a Doppelganger and you look at a card that has a night action (ex: Curator) and you do the action immediately, do you also do it during the Doppel-curator, too? Or only once?

    1. I wouldn’t think so, however sometimes the app is a little bit unclear. If you turn on “verbose doppelganger” it will go through all the roles that you should do at the beginning, and then after curator, doppel-curator will go. So if what you see isn’t announced as one you should do, then wait and do it after.

    2. the app will tell the doppelgänger when to do his action. some happen immediately and for some others he will be called to wake up again.

    3. If you view the Seer, you would do her action immediately. Copycat does the action that he sees from the middle when it is called. Hope this helped.

  5. Doppelganger along with Tanner are my favourite roles in the game, because they introduce enough complexity in the game while not being overly powerful roles by themselves. Therefore my favourite round of ONUW was a 4 player game where I’ve started as DG and saw a Tanner. As a result first day after the night phase, I asked the Tanner which roles he was, so he would get an early town role claim which he would later be happy to get challenged on. After he claimed a role, I’ve played along, but the problem is the 3rd person then claimed DG and the 4th person claimed Tanner, so I just bursted laughing having everyone at the table clearly lying :D. The 4th guy was a Mystic Wolf and saw Tanner too and 3rd one was a normal WW. In this situation werewolves have no winning condition, because everyone that is not a werewolf is a tanner, Both tanners would have to vote for a werewolf. But even if either WW is killed, all 3 town roles to win in this case were in the middle. This is the situation where nobody wants to vote anyone out 😀

    1. my favorite 4 player game was when one was tanner and the other three were on the ww team and found out pretty quickly cause they were in the majority. we didnt really know who to kill then 😀

  6. What happen if Doppelganger view the Blob card? The app doesn’t say about it. Will Doppelganger become an other Blob and have other parts of Doppelganger-Blob or be a part of Blob or nothing happen?

    1. Bezier Games mentioned this in their Alien FAQ:
      “The Doppelganger-Blob is a new Blob, and follows the same instructions as the regular Blob (if the Blob absorbed two player to the left of the Blob, the Doppelganger Blob absorbs two players to the left of the Doppelganger Blob). These are separate Blobs and have separate winning conditions.”

        1. Whether a Blob wins or not doesn’t affect the win conditions of the players who “become part of” that Blob.

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