Village Idiot

villageidiot“Village Idiot, wake up. You may move everyone’s card but your own to the left or to the right.”

From Daybreak, on Team Village

It will usually be clear to all players from the sound of cards being moved during the Village Idiot’s night phase if they acted or not. The most pressing question upon waking will be which way did the Village Idiot rotate the cards. Players will be reluctant to reveal any information about themselves until the Village Idiot has provided this information since no move has more impact on the game than the Village Idiot’s rotation. I like to state the correct direction two thirds of the time.

Generally, including the Village Idiot won’t make for a very good game because he either creates too much chaos or incentivizes people to reveal too much too quickly once the rotation direction has been revealed. It’s good to include The Village Idiot every now and then but rarely for more than two games in a row and never in sessions with more than five players because the chaos becomes unmanageable.

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  1. I just got ONUW:D & my friends and I have only played a few rounds with it (we’ve been kind of obsessively dedicated to ONUW), & so far I only like the VI in setups that include a potential fact check against him, like the Insomniac or Revealer. It isn’t 100% effective of course, but I’ve found that the VI’s word can be too powerful with no counter on it. Thoughts?

  2. Whenever I play VI I like to claim that I moved cards when I actually did nothing. This makes players a lot less reluctant to reveal their roles…

  3. If a village idiot is present, why shouldn’t the werewolves immediately state who they were and that one of their neighbors is now the werewolf? Can the village idiot choose to not move cards?

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