insomniac“Insomniac, wake up and look at your card.”

From ONUW, on Team Village

If you wake up and are still the Insomniac then say so since you are in a unique position of being absolutely certain of still being on Team Village. Unfortunately it also means you will probably sit out the rest of the conversation since you have no further information to contribute.

On the other hand, if you wake up and see that you are now a Wolf then you got switched, so quickly say you were originally a Werewolf or a Minion or a Paranormal Investigator or a Cursed, so that when the switching eventually emerges the person you got switched with gets lynched instead. The Paranormal Investigator is the best one to claim to be since claiming to originally be a Minion or Werewolf will sound like a lie. If you claim to be a Werewolf or a Minion you can throw suspicion off by saying you heard your card being switched during the night so you’re comfortable admitting you were originally on Team Wolf.

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8 thoughts on “Insomniac”

  1. If you find out that the Troublemaker exchanged you with a Werewolf, you can begin to claim that you were an insomniac which and that you still were at the end of the night.
    The Troublemaker will denounce you, saying that you are lying because she exchanged you. Then, now that everyone is convinced that you have been exchanged, you can finally confess that you were a Werewolf at the beginning of the night, and people will vote against the one who you have been exchanged with. Win!

  2. The easiest thing to do if you are now a wolf is to say that you still have your card and are therefore on team village.

  3. I had one game where I was the Insomniac, and a Troublemaker switched me with a Curator. When I looked at my card, I saw the Curator. I woke up with the person who was the Curator before, and we were confused. What do I do in this situation?

    1. you will never wake up twice in the night unless you are the doppleganger, even if you get switched with a role that wakes up later

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