drunk“Drunk, wake up and exchange your card with a card from the center.”

From ONUW, on Team Village

The Drunk can be one of the least fun cards to play. The Drunk often has no information to use and no idea what team he is actually on. The best he can hope for is that the Seer, Apprentice Seer or Witch can reveal what the center card was that he took.

But the Alpha Wolf interacts in an interesting way with the Drunk. If the Alpha Wolf is in the game then the Drunk should take the middle Werewolf card every time. This affords the Drunk a good chance of finding out what team he is on. If a Seer or Apprentice Seer determines that the Alpha Wolf is in the center, then the Drunk knows with high probability that he became a Wolf. On the other hand, if someone is the Alpha Wolf OR if a Witch switched the spare Werewolf card with someone else, then the middle Werewolf card the Drunk took was actually whatever the player originally was that got switched out for the middle Werewolf card. Either way, this information should soon emerge and the Drunk can determine what team he is now on.

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  1. Yeah one “type” of ONUW game I like to play is where Alpha Wolf, Drunk, Witch and one of the Seers (and now Copycat) are in the game because of all the interesting interactions that can take place.

  2. Beware of Werewolves who try to take the easy way out by claiming to be the Drunk, especially in games with no Villagers! (Actually, I was once the Drunk and one other player blatantly outed himself by opening the discussion claiming the Drunk role – everyone believed him. Eventually, I came to contradict him by saying I was the Drunk. Of course, I got lynched… only to be lucky and finding that I had taken the Minion card.)

    A true Drunk would never reveal himself so quickly, ESPECIALLY with the Seer so easily able to say that the card he took was the Werewolf. Still, the dynamic of the Drunk actually makes it one of my favourite cards to play in a semi-skilled group.

  3. I agree that the drunk shouldn’t come out quickly.

    I saw a session of folks playing ONUW once where one of them got the Drunk card and was a bit drunk himself and misunderstood the directions. Instead of swapping with a center card, the Drunk swapped with another player’s card (like a robber who didn’t look at the card). I feel like I like this option as it gives the Drunk a bit more agency and probability in knowing which team he’s on based on watching player behaviors. Many people don’t like to play as a drunk because it effectively makes them a spectator at the mercy of a seer claim to find out who they are. They’re also the defacto target when no target has been identified.

    I like the idea of pairing a Drunk with an Alpha Wolf so that the Drunk can intentionally take from the WW card slot, though this varies based on if an Alpha swapped that card with someone else or not.

    I also like that the drunk cannot refrain from performing their action.

  4. Drunk should remember which specific center card they took, especially if seer/app seer/witch/copycat is in the game. If they viewed the same card as drunk, they can inform the drunk which team the drunk is on

  5. Drunk is my least favourite role. You have no idea what you are supposed to be doing at the start of the day, and you may not know who to vote with. Congratulations to you if you win as this role. My group never plays drunk.

  6. my little sister was very young at the time (5-6 age) and she said “wait! i know why the drunk is called the drunk!” and asked “why” and she said “because drunk people forget who they are in the morning and the drunk doesnt know who he is in the day” how does she know this much 😭

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