revealer“Revealer, wake up. you may flip over any other player’s card. If it is a Werewolf or a Tanner, flip it over face down.”

From Daybreak, on Team Village

The Revealer has no hidden information since the turned card is evident to all as soon as the day phase starts. Like the Curator and Sentinel, they are essentially a Villager with a small amount of agency during the night phase. The only exception is if the Revealer saw a Werewolf or a Tanner. Once you can confirm you are still on Team Village you can reveal who was the Werewolf you saw and the rest will unravel if they were switched. If you suspect you somehow switched teams, you want to frame a Villager as a Werewolf instead. Choose one that no one else is corroborating and say that as the Revealer you saw they were a Werewolf.

If a card is face up when everyone wakes, the Revealer is a good card for a Werewolf to claim to be since it’s clear there is in fact a Revealer in the game and the true Revealer has no direct method (such as secret knowledge) of gaining credibility over the Werewolf.

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8 thoughts on “Revealer”

  1. As a revealer, you should claim as soon as the morning starts if you turned over a good card, before people can even notice the card was revealed.

    Additionally, the value of having a confirmed revealer in the game is high as it narrows down the possibility of cards that can be in the game as well as the number of bad roles.

    If you reveal someone bad and must turn it over, it may be beneficial to claim revealer and say which card you saw, but wait before naming who had it, both for believability and to see if any swapping had happened earlier in the night.

    The strategy for being a revealed townie is different too. You can be a lot more aggressive and direct the conversation as your words are a lot more trustworthy. Revealing someone who was the witch, seer, apprentice seer, or robber can be extremely powerful as well as their words now have a lot more weight.

    If you’re revealed as a WW or Tanner, your role is still hidden on your card, so you can respond to this by accusing the revealer of being a tanner or a WW making up things or a Mystic Wolf trying to cause chaos.

    Revealer is a decent role claim for a WW, though you have to commit to it and be aggressive – regardless of whether there’s a role revealed or not.

    Due to role switching, it is possible to wake up as a revealed role you didn’t start as. This is potentially game ending if you were a WW to begin with and know who the other WWs are.

    Revealer is a powerful card that can dynamically change the game, and it’s one of my favorites to include, though it can skew things pretty heavily towards town.

        1. Are you sure? The rules say to flip it back over if they see a werewolf or tanner, but the app says, “if the card is not on the village team, turn it over” that would include the minion. So I don’t know what to do if I see a minion

      1. If the Revealer flips a Minion, he should flip it back face down. Rules state the card should remain face up unless it isn’t in the Village Team and Minion is part of Werewolf Team.

  2. If I am a doppelgänger revealer and I awake and see that there are no other cards face up, I could therefore conclude that the real revealer must have seen a werewolf or tanner. Would it then be wise to turn over the revealer’s card (as the doppelgänger I would already know who has the card) so that everyone will know he’s trustworthy?

    1. Well… if you are still on the villager team I think that would be a really good strategy.

      The downside to this strategy is that if you have become a werewolf or a tanner during the night you have basically sealed your fate since the villager team will now undoubtedly lynch a werewolf (or undoubtedly avoid lynching a tanner).

      You have no way of knowing during the night if you have switched teams or not, and this strategy puts too many eggs in the “I am on villager team” basket.

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