curator“Curator, wake up. You may place an Artifact token face down on any player’s card.”

From Daybreak, on Team Village

The Curator has no hidden information since the location of the artifact token is evident to all as soon as the day phase starts. Like the Sentinel and Revealer, they are essentially a Villager with a small amount of agency during the night phase. Recall, however, that the Curator can give the artifact to himself.

If you receive a token from the Curator during the night phase (particularly the Claw of Werewolf or the Cudgell of the Tanner) you can pretend it’s an entirely different token to deflect suspicion. Pretending you got the Mask of Muting or Shroud of Shame works well since it requires an elaborate act. If you got an innocent token (such as the Brand of the Villager or Sword of the Bodyguard) then you can help corroborate this by reading out the whole name of the token (ie the “Brand of the Villager” rather than just “Villager”) so it sounds more legitimate. Similarly if you think someone is lying about their token and you are experienced enough to know all the tokens in detail while the other player is not, then ask them to look at the token carefully and confirm the exact wording on the token or to describe the exact picture and color. If they fail or refuse then they probably don’t have the token they claimed to have.

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  1. I think that asking about the picture on the mark or the exact wording is against the principles of this game which is bluffing and deducting, not the ability to undermine a player because they’re less experienced than you.

    1. Agreed – I remember seeing somewhere, when people were playing Trouble in Terrorist Town, where players tested each others’ innocence by telling them to spell out the word “Innocent” backwards really quickly (it was displayed on the screen) – and it was everyones’ pet peeve after a few rounds. I figure it’d be the same here – or else you could leave it to memory.

  2. Asking such detailed questions about these tokens (artifacts), or any other cards, is just a shitty move. Getting new people to play a lying game is sometimes hard enough and your knowledge of the game to your advantage like this will not make them want to play again. I would recommend the page admin to remove this advice/strategy of the page.

    I find it helpful when playing with new players having the rule book close for them to look at because with all the expansion packs this can be a difficult character to play.

  3. The curator can be used as a medic who fails to cure someone 87.5% of the time. This role is very interesting and can possibly eradicate the round of the werewolf plague.

  4. May I remind the author of this article that asking someone to describe their role card or artifact token, mark etc is forbidden and is just a means of more experienced players exploiting less experienced players.

    Do not do this. Such metagaming is strictly looked down upon by many.

  5. no. and that’s how every time I was the curator I kept accidentally giving the same person the void of nothingness. it was all by chance!! she kept telling me how I gave her nothing 🤣

  6. If a werewolf receives the brand of the villager can he out the other wolves since he is now innocent?

    1. Any card the receives the Brand of the Villager now becomes a basic Villager. A card with a voting-based action, such as Prince or Hunter, will loose their ability the moment the receive the Brand.

      So yes, if a Werewolf finds themself with the Brand, outing the other Werewolves is the best choice, assuming people believe you.

  7. Remember that you don’t have to use all artefacts in every game. For example, using only Claw of the Werewolf and Mask of Muting means that the player who receives the artifact has to keep silent regardless what they get to keep the suspicion away from them and trying to lead the villagers astray without words is quite fun!

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