squire“Squire, wake up. Werewolves, stick out your thumb. Squire, you may view the Werewolves’ cards.”

From Bonus Pack 2, wins or loses with Team Werewolf irrespective of whether he himself dies

Same strategy as Minion, but the Squire needs to adjust their approach¬†based on what he sees when looking at the Werewolf’s cards. The Squire will have more information than the wolves in this regard. The Squire should try to communicate to the wolves that they still have their wolf card to ensure their continued allegiance. Unfortunately the Squire is also incentivized to pretend that wolves are still on Team Wolf even if they no longer are. Wolves should therefore be suspicious of the Squire regardless.

If the Squire sees that one of the wolves was switched, the Squire should listen carefully to anyone who claims the switched role. Most switching involves a direct swap, so whoever had the card that the Werewolf now has probably now has the Werewolf card and is therefore an ally.

If the Squire sees that the wolves still have their cards, the he should wait for someone else to claim they switched out one of the wolves (which he knows to be false) and call that individual out on their lie, since they are most likely on Team Village and any misdirected suspicious advantages Team Wolf.

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15 thoughts on “Squire”

  1. Just a question…if the Squire is killed do the Werewolves win? And if no Werewolf dies, does the Squire win with the Werewolves?

    1. Yes, like the Minion, the Squire wins or loses with Team Werewolf, even after death.

      If the Squire is killed, the Werewolves AND the Squire win (assuming no Werewolf also died).

      If no Werewolf dies, the Squire wins (along with the Werewolves).

  2. Fun fact about this role, if you only select squire, the game will give you the ‘no bad guy’ message despite squires being on the werewolf team.

    1. Sadly, after the Alien update, the app no longer gives the ‘no bad guy’ message. Does anyone know when ONU Strategy will show the ONUA roles?

    2. The Squire is technicaly not a bad guy like the Werewolves (Vampires or Aliens) if there are no ww in play (all in the center) he is just a villager and plays with their team.

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