pickpocket_1024x1024“Pickpocket, wake up. You may exchange your mark with another player’s mark, and then view your new mark.”

From ONUV, on Team Village

Generally, if the Pickpocket took the Mark of the Vampire, Mark of the Traitor or Mark of the Assassin he should lie about who they pickpocketed and what mark he stole. Announcing that he took the Mark of Fear or the Mark of the Bat provides team Village with useful information that the Count or Renfield are active in the game. Announcing that he took the Mark of Disease will bring relief to Team Village that a Vampire doesn’t possess it.

If the Pickpocket stole a Mark of Love from a player that is likely to be a Vampire he should claim he stole a DIFFERENT mark from another player, since he wants the Vampire to continue believing they possess the Mark of Love and to hopefully out himself by being overprotective of their lover’s life (see the Cupid strategy). If he stole the Mark of Love from a player on Team Village, then this won’t really affect the game and can be announced, but watch the actions of the other lover. If other lover shifts their protectiveness from the old lover to the Pickpocket then there is a high probability of them being a Vampire.

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  1. If the pickpocket receives the mark of the vampire at dusk phase, they can play a role similar to witch by giving anyone the mark of the vampire

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