bodyguardWhen everyone votes, the player that the Bodyguard points to cannot be killed.

From Daybreak, on Team Village

If you can, don’t reveal you are the Bodyguard. Lie unless doing so would get you lynched. If you are the Bodyguard or suspect you are the Bodyguard you obviously need to vote for someone that you know is a Villager. If you can, lie enough to entrap someone else with the hope that this will bring the Werewolves out of hiding. For example, frame an innocent and then see who agrees with you. The opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and lynch an innocent will be irresistible to true Werewolves. If you are too successful in your lie and the innocent is going to be lynched then, as the Bodyguard, simply vote for them to protect them. The risk is that you yourself appear too suspicious and get lynched. Remember the Bodyguard cannot protect himself. If this looks likely then it might be best to come clean with your plan as the Bodyguard and hope you haven’t damaged your credibility too badly.

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  1. If you are the bodyguard, and the troublemaker switches your card, do you still get to vote someone at the end?

    1. No, as your ability at the end of the game is connected to the card, so since you no longer have the card you no longer have the ability. Your vote will not protect the player you point at.

  2. In that case, the player that both Hunter and Bodyguard pointed to would not die. The Hunter’s ability is that he can kill the person he points at during the vote if he himself dies, while the Bodyguards protects whoever he votes for. So the Bodyguard’s ability overrides the Hunter’s.

  3. ב”ה
    If the troublemaker claim to switch you, don’t reveal immediately you were the bodyguard. If you were switched with a werewolf and became a werewolf yourself, the player that started as a werewolf and now became the bodyguard is likely to vote for you (and by that, saving you and possibly making nobody getting killed) as long as he don’t know he is a bodyguard (but thinks he is something else on the village team).

  4. HELP! during the game I started as the bodyguard, the village idiot switched my card with the paranormal investigator. On the final vote the player who thought he was the PI still pointed with everyone else at the werewolf (not knowing he is the bodyguard). Now that he is the body guard but doesn’t actually know he is the bodyguard does his vote end up protecting the wolf? As he is pointing at the wolf?

    1. Yes. The player who ends the game with the bodyguard card protects who they were pointing at, regardless of if they knew they had the card. You, who started with the bodyguard, would now be voting to kill, not protect, as well.

      (On a side note, because of the way you phrased it, it sounds like the Village Idiot didn’t do his action right. Did he swap you and the P.I. directly, or did he move everyone’s card?)

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