beholder“Beholder, wake up. Seer (and Apprentice Seer), stick out your thumb. Beholder, you may view the Seer’s card.”

From Bonus Pack 2, on Team Village

Normally, the Beholder and the Seer are on the same team and, like the Masons, can afford to have one party lie knowing other will be there to back them up. But this dynamic turns on its head if the Beholder sees that the Seer has been turned into a Werewolf.

If you, as the Beholder, see that the Seer was turned into a Werewolf/Vampire, the first thing to do is determine if the Seer herself knows she is now on Team Wolf or not.

If the Alpha Wolf is in play, and you see that the (former) Seer now has a Werewolf card, then she most likely received it from the Alpha Wolf. The Seer will most likely already know this too. The Seer, being able to look at two cards in the center, would have looked at the spare Werewolf card plus another center card, and seen that the center Werewolf card was now her own Seer card. The Seer not only now knows that she was turned into a Werewolf but also knows that the Beholder knows she was turned into a Werewolf. The Seer therefore will be on the defensive and will be looking to discredit the Beholder as soon as she can determine who the Beholder is.

If the Alpha Wolf is not in play, and the (former) Seer has a Werewolf card, then most likely the Witch, Troublemaker or Gremlin gave the Seer the Werewolf card. In this case, the Seer does not know they became a Werewolf. Without a knowledgeable and defensive (former) Seer, it becomes easier to out her as a newly turned Werewolf.

Even if the Alpha Wolf is in play, the Seer might not know she received the Werewolf card. The Gremlin, Troublemaker or Witch may have given the Seer the Wolf card, or the Alpha Wolf may have given the Werewolf card to the Robber, who in turn swapped it with the Seer, or the Seer may not have looked at the center Werewolf card after all.

If the Seer is still on Team Village, the Beholder should still be wary of stating who the Seer is. If the Seer implicates the Beholder in becoming a Werewolf, such as when the Seer sees the Beholder card in the center Werewolf card spot (indicating the Beholder was turned by the Alpha Wolf) then the Beholder will have sealed her own doom by lending credibility to the Seer’s observation.

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