Mystic Wolf

mysticwolf“Mystic Wolf, wake up. You may look at another player’s card.”

From Daybreak, on Team Werewolf

Since the Mystic Wolf’s power partially replicates the Seer’s power, claiming Seer is a tempting strategy for the Mystic Wolf. After looking at another player’s card she can reveal what she saw, claiming she herself is a  Seer, hoping that when that player confirms their own card her claim as a Seer will be more credible. I have never seen this strategy work. At least among experienced players, the Seer will always look at two cards in the center. A Mystic Wolf claiming this strategy will almost always be outed as the Mystic Wolf rather than the Seer.

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22 thoughts on “Mystic Wolf”

  1. The Mystic Wolf can claim to be a Robber if the Seer claim can’t be made convincingly if Seers always look at two center cards.

    1. If the mystic wolf is the lone wolf does he look at one of the middle cards when the werewolves are told to wake up and see eachother? If not I think this should be specified as it is not explained.

      1. Yes, the mystic wolf looks at one of the middle cards (if she is the lone wolf) in addition to her seer-like power of looking at another players card.

        This seems like a very powerful card, but with a mystic wolf in the game villagers will be on the lookout for anyone with uncanny knowledge of another players card or a card in the center, somewhat limiting the ability to actually use that information.

  2. The Mystic Wolf is a great way to boost a WW team that keeps losing or decrease the legitimacy of seer, app. seer, revealer (on evil), or robber claims. It’s a good balance tool to help team WW.

  3. Is the Mystic Wolf allowed to show the card they looked at to the other werewolves (assuming there are any other wolves at the table) or do they have to keep it to themselves until they make their claim?

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