sentinel“Sentinel, wake up. You may place a shield token on any player’s card but your own.”

From Daybreak, on Team Village

The Sentinel has no hidden information since the location of the shield token is evident to all as soon as the day phase starts. Like the Curator and Revealer, they are essentially a Villager with a small amount of agency during the night phase. As a Sentinel, beware of Werewolves taking the easy way out by claiming your role.

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    1. The shield token is placed on another player’s card before any other night actions, then that card can’t be looked at or moved. It provides the person who received the shield token certainty that they remained who they were originally, as well as certainty that no else can confirm (or disconfirm) they are that roll by having seen their card directly.

  1. The sentinel has some power in the fact that they leave a shield token behind to give proof of their own existence. This ability, like the curator or a revealer who finds a townie, is powerful in of itself as it proves that the role exists in the game.

    For example, if you wake up and you see a sentinel token in play, someone is going to claim that role – at least one person should, since a sentinel should never not claim . If nobody counter-claims, you’ve got a confirmed townie. If someone does, you’ve got a member of team tanner or WW in play and narrowed down.

    As a recipient of a token, you also have the security of knowing that you are still on the same team, giving you immunity to witch / robber / troublemaker claims against you and allowing you to play a bit more aggressively as you no longer have to worry about having been team swapped.

    Bear in mind that evil roles can get the shield token as well, and this can be a boon for them since they know they didn’t change teams and that nobody was able to inspect their card. In a 1 WW game, this is a very powerful capability. Additionally, the token makes it very easy for a WW to claim to be a robber as the robber wouldn’t have any additional information in this scenario.

    Strategy is mostly random for determining who to give a token to since you have no knowledge of roles and only knowledge of various players and their playstyles. It may be beneficial to give the token to a newer or less skilled player to help level the playing field.

    As with the revealer, the first person to claim the role is often the trusted one. Unlike the revealer, other people who wake up during the night will already know the token exists.

    Bear in mind that the token can inihibit several roles from doing their jobs, particularly the drunk and the robber. While this may be beneficial to the town when putting the token on the drunk (since they will guaranteed to still be a drunk), putting one on the robber will deny the town information from the robber’s role theft claim.

  2. yes nothing can be done to that card. I kinda hate it though bc one time I was the alpha wolf and my friend said she wanted to be switched and become a werewolf but I saw that the sentinel shield was on it so I was like 🤬

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