vampire_1024x1024“Vampires, wake up and look for other Vampires. Give any non-vampire player a Mark of the Vampire.”

From ONUV, on Team Vampire

If the Diseased or Thing is in the game, it is usually advantageous to give the Mark of the Vampire to a player adjacent to you, since you can claim to be the Diseased or Thing and the recipient of your mark can claim to have received the Mark of Disease or been touched by Thing (or vice versa), thus mutually supporting each other’s claim. Even if the true Diseased or Thing refutes this, doubt will have been sown, to your advantage.

As the Vampire, your first priority on waking should be determining if the person to whom you gave the Mark of the Vampire still has it or lost it by receiving one of the subsequent seven marks. Seven because a player can’t receive both the Mark of the Vampire and Mark of Fear, and a Renfield replacing the Mark of the Vampire with a Mark of the Bat would remain on Team Vampire regardless.  If you determine that the player kept the Mark of the Vampire, subtly indicate that it was you who gave it to them, possibly by saying that you gave them another token, like a Mark of Clarity as a Priest, or imply that they as the Thing touched you on your shoulder or say that you received the Mark of Disease from them, giving them an opening to confirm your story.

Beyond this, Team Vampire strategy normally resolves to that of Team Werewolf.

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16 thoughts on “Vampire”

  1. So if I am playing Wolves, Villagers AND Vampires, are they all against each other or what? And if one team loses do the other two win? Or just one?

    1. In an epic battle, these are the win conditions:

      Village: Any two bad guys from different teams must die to win (A Vampire and A Werewolf, A Werewolf and An Alien, or A Vampire and An Alien)

      Werewolves: At least one opposing bad guy team member (Vampire or Alien) dies, and all Werewolves live.

      Vampire: At least one opposing bad guy team member (Werewolf or Alien) dies, and all Vampires live.

      Alien: At least one opposing bad guy team member (Werewolf or Vampire) dies, and all Aliens live.

          1. I don’t own vampire or lien so you’ll have to excuse me for not knowing how voting works (I’m thinking of getting onuv but I’m nervous that when combined with onuw or daybreak it’ll get too hectic). How can you guarantee that at least one bad guy will die? Do you vote to kill 2 people?

  2. The Alien set and Vampire set both come with tokens for the person with the most votes and the person with the second most votes. In the voting phase, you do the following, in order:

    1. Everyone Votes
    2. 1st and 2nd Most Vote Tokens are Assigned (Keep Fingers)
    3. Everyone Reveals Their Role and Mark (If Any)
    4. Establish how many Bag Guy Teams are Present.
    4a. If There is Only One Bad Guy Team, Discard 2nd Most Votes Token
    4b. If Multiple Bad Guy Teams are Present, Leave Vote Tokens As They Are
    5. People With Vote Tokens Are Now Put Up for Lynching, But Hands Stay Pointing
    6. Vote-Affecting Roles (Prince, Bodyguard, Hunter) Are Activated
    7. Kill Different People Now, Too.
    7a. If Prince or Bodyguard’s Target are Lynched, Vote Will Move to 3rd Place. If 2 or 3 Bag Guy Teams Are Present, At Least 2 People MUST Die For The Villagers To Be Able To Win (Unless Nobody Else Received Votes). (Make 3rd and 4th Vote Tokens If You Want So You Don’t Have To Count Ten Times)
    8. Put Hands Down (Finally) And Decide Who Won Based On Above Rules. (If 3 Bad Guy Teams Are In Play, Note That Two Of Them Could Have Won If The Other Dies. Ex: Werewolf Dies, Aliens and Vampires Die)

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