hunterIf the Hunter dies, the player he is pointing at dies as well.

From ONUW, on Team Village

Along with Villagers, the Hunter is one of the least popular characters to use in the game because they perform no action at night. Most beginners receiving the Hunter role will simply admit they are the Hunter and then silently wait out the day phase as the game unfolds around them.

On the contrary, in the hands of an experienced player, the Hunter is the best character in the game since you have carte blanche to lie with impunity. As the Hunter you have an effective veto on the final lynching, but your veto is only triggered if you yourself get lynched. With a casual indifference to his own death, the Hunter is the Team Village equivalent of the Minion.

Come out swinging with a bold lie that brings as many Werewolves out of the shadows as possible. Say you’re the Seer and you saw another player was the Troublemaker. Or say you’re the Paranormal Investigator and you saw two players were the Apprentice Seer and the Hunter. Each person you speak for will be forced to either agree with you or contradict you. Werewolves caught up in this net will think you are the Minion providing them an alibi and may readily agree with you.

Sure, your bold lie will eventually unravel as a legitimately innocent person contradicts you but by then hopefully the Werewolves will have dug their hole. If you arouse so much suspicion that you yourself get lynched then you just won the game for Team Village as you exercise your veto and kill a Werewolf.

Like the Tanner, it works best if you can prevent other players from knowing you are the Hunter, since Werewolves will be less likely to vote for you. If you get caught out in a lie then rather the confessing to being the Hunter, change it to something else equally bold. The Hunter’s only real weakness is being found out as the Hunter since your wild claims won’t have the desired effect of bringing out the Werewolves and Team Village probably won’t vote for you since they will likely want to vote for a Werewolf directly rather than handing you the veto. Don’t do yourself a disservice by outing yourself as the Hunter.

Similarly, if you are on Team Village and through your role as the Paranormal Investigator or Seer, you discover who the Hunter is, then don’t immediately out that person. Let the Hunter take advantage of their card to bring victory to Team Village.

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    1. The person who has the Hunter’s card at the end has the Hunter’s ability. If you started as the Hunter but the Troublemaker switched you out then you no longer have the Hunter’s ability. Same goes for any other role that affects the voting phase, such as Prince or Cursed.

  1. I wouldn’t necessarily say to make a bold lie, at least among my own playing group, because anyone who does this will be suspected to be the Minion, who tends to be the one who dies.

  2. I was once playing a few rounds of werewolf in a large group (8 people), and for some reason I was Hunter two rounds in a row. The most hilarious thing happened the second round, and I consider it one of the two best (in terms of my enjoyment of the round) games of werewolf I have ever played.
    What happened is immediately upon waking up, someone claimed to be the Hunter. I immediately countered, telling the truth. But nobody believed me. The person next to me said they were the seer and they saw that the person who claimed Hunter was a werewolf, but they were not convincing at all(because they looked at someone’s card and not at the center, as they were a beginner). If I wasn’t Hunter, I wouldn’t have believed them either. So all they did was make it seem like we were the two werewolves, and the entire table, save the seer, decided to lynch me. But I was Hunter, so I got the last laugh and saved the entire village team from themselves. It was very enjoyable to flip my card, prove my honestly, and watch as my target flipped over their werewolf card. The reaction, of both villagers and werewolves, was even more enjoyable.
    Lesson: werewolves, don’t claim to be the Hunter. Probably the stupidest thing you could do. If there’s a hunter in the game, you just lost the entire round for your team with one sentence.
    (Might be smart for minion though, because then the hunter’s ability is wasted? But then wolves are scared of killing you, so you’d have to signal to them.)

  3. if I am a hunter and there are two villagers left, including me, and one werewolf left and they vote the hunter out does he still get to shoot his weapon considering that the hunter gets to use his ability “immediately” after he dies, resulting in victory for the villagers? Our moderator said that the instant when the hunter dies, there is an even number of werewolves and villagers(one of each) resulting in a victory for the werewolves, i.e. that you skip the hunter’s ability and the werewolves win?

    1. I don’t believe that is true at all. The game doesn’t end until everything is over! Things could happen after the vote that change the game! Basically, the Hunter ALWAYS uses his vote-ability if he dies. You should have won that game.

    2. I believe you’re talking about Ultimate Werewolf. This game is One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

      To answer your question as it pertains to Werewolf, the hunter definitely does get to shoot in that situation.

  4. If the Hunter is linked with someone other player by Cupid. And the other player died, by get linched or by a wolf, the Hunter will die too. In this case the Hunter can use his ability or can not?

    1. The hunter can, I believe, since his ability activates when he dies, and the rules say the “the other lover dies of a broken heart” so the hunter’s vote kills.

    1. You seem to like asking this question, don’t you?

      Most roles you ask this on are villagers that aren’t limited to not being able to know anything.

  5. the first and only time i’ve Played w the hunter, me and my friends played w him wrong and I was the hunter. we didn’t rly get the fact that he had to die so then the person he’s pointing at will also die. but anyways I killed a werewolf so I’m fine 😁

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