diseased_1024x1024“Diseased, wake up. Place a Mark of Disease in front of any player to your left or right.”

From ONUV, on Team Village

At first blush, it seems that the Diseased and the recipient of the Mark of Disease are affected the same way and have the same strategy, but this is not so.

Giving the Mark of Disease is a double edged sword. If a Vampire receives it, and this becomes known, then it will be much harder for Team Village, and therefore the Diseased herself, to win. The Diseased should not announce who they are until they can assess what team the person who received the Mark of Disease is on. Until the Diseased can be sure the recipient is on Team Village, they should deny being the Diseased and therefore cast doubt on any Vampire that may have claimed to receive the mark. If the Diseased gave the Mark of Disease to a Vampire and confirms it publicly then no one will vote for the diseased Vampire and Team Vampire will most likely win. In this case, the Diseased should continue to deny they were ever the Diseased, thus discrediting the Vampire and letting everyone else vote for them bringing victory to Team Village. If the rest of Team Village votes for the diseased Vampire eliminating each of their own potential to win, the Diseased may emerge as the sole winner.

Conversely,  the recipient of the Mark of Disease should announce it straight away, irrespective of what team they are on. It will not only deter others from voting for them, but if they themself are on Team Village this will narrow down who the Diseased is (on either side of that player) and in turn help eliminate Vampire suspects.

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    1. Any individual who votes for either the Diseased or the player who has the Mark of the Disease cannot win.

      The Diseased and the recipient of the Mark of the Disease still get lynched in the normal way and the Village or Vampire teams still win in the normal way, but an individual player’s win becomes nullified if they voted for a Diseased player. It rearranges incentives since you might want to kill a Diseased player to have your team win, but don’t personally want to vote for them.

  1. So the diseased and the one who gets the mark are effected the same way, so you do not want to vote for either one of them?

    If a diseased player gets the most votes he dies?

    If a diseased vampire is killed by majority but not all villagers, will all villagers win or just the ones that did not vote for that diseased vampire win?

  2. Yes, the diseased player and the player with the mark of the diseased are affected the same way, in that whoever votes for them cannot win. However, they can still be lynched if they receive the most votes. Nothing prevents them from being lynched, aside from existing character powers obviously, i.e Prince, Bodyguard, Master…

    If a diseased vampire is voted for lynching then yes, all players who vote for them cannot win, so the village should coordinate their votes so that at least one villager will win.

    1. Diseased does make the game extremely more difficult but also extremely more fun. Any game with 5+ players should include Diseased IMO.

    1. If The Assassin somehow discovers that his target is The Dieased (though finding out is unlikely without The Diseased stating she is, deterring everyones votes), The Assassin would need to convince at least half the other players that The Diseased (His target) should be killed, as The Diseased won’t immediately admit to being The Diseased unless to corraborate the story of who she marked, which as the article states, isn’t always a good idea. The Assassin should then vote for someone he knows not to be suspect nor someone who sits next to The Diseased, so he doesn’t overpower the votes to The Diseased. Everyone who voted for her loses, of course, but the Assassin’s target was killed, and the Assassin didn’t vote for a diseased player, ergo he would win.

      I can’t think of a scenario where the Assassin would know The Diseased card without anyone else knowing what the card is, except really bad and very specific plays.

      Example: A player was The Seer, and saw The Diseased’s card (which is a bad play by The Seer), then The Assassin admits to targeting The Diseased (Which is a bad play by The Assassin), and then The Troublemaker admits to switching The Seer and The Assassin. The Seer then has to falsely out The Diseased as The Werewolf (admiting to The Seer’s bad play), and hope The Diseased doesn’t counteract the story (which is a bad play by The Diseased), then hope everyone would believe her not to just be after The Assassin’s target (which is a bad play by the people who believe The Seer)

      Basically, unless everyone you get really lucky, no. You can’t win.

    1. A diseased tanner is basically the same as a normal one. If people vote him to die they lose, regardless of if he’s diseased. The only difference is that if a regular tanner is killed and a werewolf dies too, villagers win, but in this case the villagers voting tanner would lose since he is diseased

    1. Grace, if all but one villager point at the player who is a vampire, the villagers still win. Be sure to decide who won’t point at the vampire befor you vote. But this will have to have more than three players (four or more) to work. I hope this helped! Also, if I’m wrong , I’m sorry, but correct me .

      1. Anyone who points at the diseased or the player with mark of disease loses, even if his team wins. In that scenario the one player who didn’t vote for the vampire is the lone winner

    1. TL;DR: The Diseased wins with Villagers

      The Diseased is still a villager. She can, however, end up defending the Vampire / Werewolf / Alien of the table. She has to play according to what role she diseases. She can deny the role if she believes she marks a bad guy. She wins by not pointing to who she diseased, but still has to gaurentee a win for the village.

  3. My best game was a 4-player game. I was the Diseased. My cousin was the Assassin and he gave me the Mark of the Assassin. He convinced everyone that I was a vampire and two of them voted for me: my Assassin cousin and my other cousin . I revealed my self as the Diseased and my cousin flipped out! I was laughing so hard!! 🤣😝

    1. Anyone who points at her or the person she marked loses. If you are her, your strategy should be to figure out the role of the card you marked. But keep secret who you’ve marked, since you may need the rest of the village to vote that player so you won’t have to. You may also want to keep who you are a secret since people will fear voting for either of you neighbors (this wouldn’t be good if one of them is a bad guy)

  4. if a diseased gets voted off, will the player with mark of diseased win along with the diseased? and vice versa

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