Werewolf Team General Strategy

  • werewolfTeam Village roles that don’t gain any information during the night are easy for Werewolves to claim. Villagers are the obvious place to hide because it is more difficult to contradict such a claim if there are be multiple Villager cards in play. The Troublemaker is also a good example since you can claim you were a Troublemaker and switched two other roles, without anyone being able to contradict you unless someone else was, or saw, a Troublemaker.
  • If there are two Team Wolf players and the Mason cards are in the game then both Wolves can claim to be Masons, backing each other up. Prepare for a fight since it is almost inevitable someone else will contradict this. At least one other player will be a true Mason, or even if both Mason cards are in the center someone, such as a Seer or Witch, will have seen them.
  • If there are two Wolves one can claim to be a Troublemaker switching the other Wolf with a villager, while the other Wolf outs himself. If the Troublemaker claim is believed then the village will lynch the supposed wolf. This has the advantage that the framed individual will have no defense themself. Only someone contradicting the Troublemaker claim can undermine this frame job.

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24 thoughts on “Werewolf Team General Strategy”

    1. What are the rules on what you can tell people about the things you know about who people are? What does the minion tell people?

      1. Hi Julia.
        The only rule is that you can say anything you want (truth, lie or otherwise) as long as you don’t look at the cards or touch the cards. The day phase discussion is completely unstructured with no rules, just an overall incentive to see your team win.

        There’s a whole section dedicated to discussing Minion strategy here http://onenightultimate.com/?p=41
        Leave your thoughts and further minion strategy ideas in the comment section.

    2. No, its not reccommended, you should act suspisious/bring the attention away from the werewolves. Similar to the Tanner, but you can get more creative :)

    3. You absolutely can and there are a few reasons to, but they all depend on the particular game you’re in.

      A minion may wish to reveal that the WW’s have a majority – especially after you establish that nobody was role traded. WW’s might not know that but minions know that there’s another team WW out there.

      Additionally, a minion may wish to claim minion and refuse to tell the town if there are WW’s or not. Town may think that the minion claim is actually a WW and be hesitant to kill it. Additionally, if there is a WW, voting the Minion is a losing move for town whereas voting a Minion without a WW will win the game for town.

      The only caveat in revealing as a Minion is that if team WW doesn’t have the majority, you can’t make any indications of who the WW’s are or aren’t, so you’ll want to say very little once you do reveal.

      Additionally, WW’s can claim minion as a disguise, though there’s better options in most cases.

    4. Probably not.
      An easy way to play Minion is simply to try to blame someone that you think is not a Werewulf as being werewulf. If it does not work so people think you are lying, you might be shot as a wereswulf, which is a bonus if you are a Minion.
      Then being Minion is a kind of insurance.
      But there are so many ways to play, always depending on who you are playing with… :-)

  1. A very good plan is, if you and one other person are wolves, is to claim that you were a robber at the end of the round and that your fellow wolf was one of the village roles and therefore you are their role and they are robber. This is a risky move because you must listen to make sure that the robber and other role are both in the center. Also another person may have lied from the villager side (like a seer) and could have seen the robber or other card from the center and would then convince the group that you are both werewolves.

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  6. A strategy I like to use is if you and another person are the werewolves you can claim to be the seer and claim that the other werewolf is a villager team role.

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