Dream Wolf

dream wolfThe Dream Wolf does not wake up with the other Werewolves. When the Werewolves are called, he sticks out his thumb.

From Daybreak, on Team Werewolf

The Dream Wolf is probably the most difficult role to play. Like the other Werewolves, he has the psychological burden of constructing and defending a lie, but unlike the Werewolves he has no information and doesn’t know who his allies are, if any. If the Dream Wolf is the only Werewolf he doesn’t  get the benefit of looking at a center card under the Lone Werewolf option.

As the Dream Wolf flying under the radar is more difficult, so one strategy is to make others think you are the Tanner by making and defending outrageous claims. When others start accusing you of the being the Tanner, or the Minion, the real Tanner won’t be outing himself to contradict you, but the Minion probably will, thus giving you insight into who has those two roles.

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2 thoughts on “Dream Wolf”

  1. Best thing to do is to claim to be villager. This is an easy claim to make, and an effective one. It is also good to claim to be a tanner by literally just saying that you are a werewolf, which will make others suspicious. Or you could just make lots of ridiculous claims and when people say you are a werewolf, you can just smile and say ‘Yep, I’m a werewolf.’

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