“Robber, wake up. You may exchange your card with another player’s card, and then view your new card.” 

From ONUW, on Team Village

If you robbed someone and remained on Team Village then just say you robbed someone but won’t reveal who until later. That allows the person you robbed to in turn lie to try to catch out a Werewolf, and then you can back them up.

On the other hand if you rob a Werewolf you need to get on the front foot as soon as possible. As soon as someone on Team Village has revealed their role, say that you robbed them and can back up their story, earning you an unwitting accomplice to deflect suspicion from yourself. After securing your own safety, your best course of action is to hang suspicion on the person you actually robbed. Although they now have the Robber card, they will think they are still the Werewolf and will likely attempt to pretend to be someone else. Discredit their lie as much as you can and convince the group that they are still a Werewolf. If they are lynched they will turn over their card revealing a Robber and deliver a victory to Team Wolf.

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5 thoughts on “Robber”

  1. This role is a good role that should be in many games. It is fun and best strategy for robber-wolves is to say you were the seer and say that the person you robbed was a werewolf although in reality you will have that card and will deliver a win to team wolf

  2. The robber is too strong. From experience it’s one of the hardest character. Other players usually can’t make sure he really exchange his card with the player he is mentionning.

    1. The robber is actually a really boring role if you don’t houserule him because he ‘may’ switch his card and usually the best play is to just not do anything instead of switching. If you switch yourself with a werewolf you are a liability to yourself and your new team, because you have very little information. If you switch yourself with a villager you can back up their lies/claims but it’s usually just not worth the risk you put yourself in.

      This is why it’s sometimes a good idea to houserule that the robber ‘must’ perform his action.

      1. I disagree. If he takes a werewolf he should aggressively accuse the one he robbed by claiming seer or doppelgänger seer or by simply pointing him out as suspicious. If you rob a minion, even better! Be even more aggressive to the original minion saying he’s a werewolf. If your aggression gets you killed, you still win!
        I feel that doing nothing is the worst thing any robber should do

      2. In most games, the robber has a higher chance of becoming a different village role than a bad guy, so the risk is low, but your rewarded with knowing your role further into the night, and knowing someone else’s role to now be robber.

        Also, the value of a card can also be more of their presence than someone being it. A tanner could claim to have robbed someone who’s suspicious, a werewolf could claim robber to someone who’s confirmed good.

        This is a bluffing game, and through my experience, claiming a role with an action then claiming you did nothing (unless the role does something that would be visible otherwise such as the Revealer,) is a one way ticket to being called out as a werewolf.

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