mason“Masons, wake up and look for other Masons.”

From ONUW, on Team Village

If you are one of a pair of Masons you are in a good position to corroborate each others stories. One or both of you can lie to draw out Werewolves, knowing that your risk of the lie backfiring is reduced since when you eventually reveal you are a Mason, the other Mason can back you up. Beware though that two Werewolves can claim to be two Masons. And if two Masons caught in a lie confess that they were both Masons the whole time, they will likely themselves be painted as Werewolves masquerading as Masons. Therefore it’s probably best if only one of the Masons lies, while the other Mason stays above reproach by maintaining the truth from the beginning saying that they were one of a pair of Masons but they don’t want to reveal who the other Mason is yet. The credibility of the truthful Mason provides a safety net for the other lying Mason.

As a lone Mason, you have a tough game to play. No one else can back you up so if someone else, like a Werewolf, claims to be a lone Mason it will simply be your word against theirs. Worse still, two Werewolves claiming to be the Masons will appear more credible than you claiming to be a lone Mason. Your best hope in this case is if someone else can confirm your card or if they saw a Mason card in the center.

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  1. By the way, in my experience, whenever a Mason is a true Mason and they dont reveal their partner right away, they are painted Wolves.

    1. That sounds like something you could set up before hand. If you’re party agrees to put the masons on a different team, so be it. Just make sure everyone is aware of this rule change

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